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Union Metal – Offering Nostalgic Lighting & Traffic Technology

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JTB Supply has been offering Union Metal’s complete line of decorative lighting and traffic equipment for many years.

Our projects have range from full redevelopments to ongoing upkeep and maintenance in “old town” districts for over a decade.

These involved projects truly have the ability to set your historic or landmark districts apart, and bring in a steady stream of ongoing tourist activity and involvement. This is great for businesses and tax revenue. And, it gives residents a true sense of local pride to see their city keep its beautiful charm and historic flair.

Current & Past Projects:

  • Old Town Pasadena
  • City of Los Angeles – Pico Boulevard (under development)
  • Santa Maria
  • Oceanside

Contact us today to learn how we can help you source the right equipment to make your city or special district draw people with safe, attractive lighting and traffic solutions.

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The Details of Old Town Charm – Decorative Traffic and Decorative Poles

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photo credit: Photojunkymonkey

photo credit: Photojunkymonkey

There’s nothing quite like the charm of an old town or quaint main street. Residents love them for their historic significance and tourists love them for the feeling of old Americana they provide. From antique stores and central plazas to eclectic restaurants and small businesses, every detail must represent the period and be able to seamlessly transport visitors to the past while still maintaining the technology of today.

Here is a simple check-list for sustaining or creating your city’s “old town” districts:

1) Identify the historic qualities of buildings

2) Catalog the characteristics of your district

3) Verify any historic buildings

4) Determine and reinforce the relationships between buildings

5) Study and evaluate your existing façade

6) Based on city regulations, develop a concept and design requirements

7) Submit for approval – the easy part!

While the inherent quality of the design should reflect the vision, it’s best to use modern equipment and materials to ensure longevity. However, many companies provide excellent resources for modern technology with a nostalgic charm. If you’re looking to bring some character back to your downtown area, contact us today for how JTB Supply can assist with modern traffic technology and lighting with a “Classic Americana” façade.