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Peek VideoTrak-IQ (4) Channel Video Detection Card

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VTIQ 4 channel detection cardPeek VideoTrak-IQ (4) Channel Video Detection Card – VideoTrak-IQ is Peek’s latest innovative product in the video detection line.

The user friendly interface gives you the ability to easily modify the configurations of as many as 26 detection zones per channel, and also allows you to adjust the zoom and focus of each camera at the cabinet with a click of the mouse.

VideoTrak-IQ is available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 channel configurations and is NEMA and CALTRANS compliant.

Click here to view the Datasheet.

Peek VideoTrak- (4) Channel Extender Card Video Detection

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Peek VideoTrak- (4) Channel Extender Card Video Detection

Peek VideoTrak- (4) Channel Extender Card – The Peek VideoTrak Extender Card allows you to assign additional outputs to other rack slots. Available in (2) and (4) channel configurations and are connected to the VTIQ Card using a 15 HD I/O cable.

The Peek Video camera cable contains Video, AC power, and Lens control wiring.

Click here to view the data sheet.

Peek ATC-1000 Traffic Controller

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Peek  ATC-1000 Traffic Controller

The ATC-1000 is the first of the new ATC line of modularly-built, standards-based controllers from Peek Traffic. Designed for ease-of-use and easy adaptability, the ATC-1000 traffic controller features Peek’s latest ATC engine board, a full line of communications options including multiple serial ports, multiple Ethernet ports, a USB firmware and memory port, and a range of I/O and D modules.

The ATC-1000 controller uses NTCIP communications natively and is entirely compatible with Peek’s IQ Central® traffic management system. Interchangeable I/O modules and D Modules allow the ATC-1000 controller to be utilized in the latest cabinets, but it will also work as a plug-in replacement in older, non-standards-based cabinets that currently house Multisonics, Traconex, LMD 40, LMD 9200 and HMC-1000 controllers, thus providing an upgrade path for older intersection control hardware.

Programmable from the front panel, via USB database download, via ATC Link direct connection, or via IQ Central’s sophisticated central system environment, the ATC-1000 controller line is a powerful new option that can be used wherever NEMA, NTCIP and ATC compatibility is required.

Click here for more info on Peek’s website.

The Latest Traffic Video Technology from PEEK

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Peek Traffic has been one of JTB Supply Company’s best-selling manufacturers for a variety of reasons. In addition to their excellent safety standards, Peek is one of the select companies setting the standard and pushing the envelope in creating forward-thinking traffic technology. As a distributor, JTB Supply is constantly looking for the latest and greatest to ensure our customers stay ahead of the curve. Below are some of Peek’s newer products.

VTIQ Color Video Detection Camera. Click the image for more detail. For more information on Peek’s

VTIP Camera PEEK Video Detection