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The Benefits of the New ATSI PCMT 8000

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JTB Supply Company is proud to bring the latest innovation from ATSI to our customers throughout the Southwest. This latest offering in their conflict monitor tester line of products is currently available as the PCMT-8000 Conflict Monitor Tester.

WHAT MAKES THIS NEW TESTER SO UNIQUE?Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.46.49 PM
The PCMT 8000:

  • Uses less harnesses to test the same amount of monitor types as previous tester models
  • Integrated Port1/SDLC testing capability
  • Retains the ease-of-use of the Windows setup and operating software


  • Operators will be able to view test descriptions on-screen while running running the test
  • Save test reports in either terse or verbose formats
  • In verbose format, test descriptions will be seen while the test is running, while terse format only shows each test’s name and result of the pass/fail test.
  • Cleaner software interface, which improves operation for intermediate users
  • Automatically check for updates—must have internet connection

Freedom with Fewer Cables and the Same Testing Capability, including:

  • There is now one cable for testing either TS1 12 Channel monitors or TS2 16 Channel MMUs
  • You only need one cable to test 210/2010/170/2070 monitors including the LADOT/NCDOT modified monitors
  •  Built-in USB port eliminates the need for a USB to Serial Adapter
  • Smart and agile to know which cable is plugged in and provide appropriate testing options depending on the monitor standards

If you would like more information on this new product offering from ATSI, contact your JTB Supply Company representative today!