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Unipart Dorman White Paper – Making Roads Safer

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unipart dormanUNIPART DORMAN, one of our premier manufacturers, has put out a brief white paper on some the strategies being implemented in our hometown of Orange, California. We agree with their assessment and recommend you take a look at the White Paper, which can be downloaded from our website.

JTB Supply Company was founded on the principal of supplying the finest traffic safety equipment while advising on best practices and implementation. 

We hope you’ll take a look at the White Paper and let us know what you think. We value your input. VATCS White Paper – SoCal Making roads safer in your community

Here is a brief preview:

It has been independently proven and universally accepted that the most effective way to achieve a long term adjustment in driver behavior towards inappropriate speed is to establish a multi‐faceted Targeted strategy which is Consistent, Clear in its message, Reasoned and Educational.

With this objective in mind and with the independent data and growing track record of VATCS supporting its claims as the future for display based traffic calming, the City of Orange are leading the way in southern California by installing School Zone, Curve Warning and Posted Speed Limit VATCS as part of the HSIP Highway Safety Improvement Program on five streets across the City.

VATCS versus Speed Feedback Displays SFDs 

If you ask a City traffic engineer what LED vehicle activated display options he has in his traffic calming toolbox , more often that not if the city deploys them you will hear the words ‘We use Speed Feedback Displays or Signs’. Speed feedback signs have been the predominant display approach that has been used in traffic calming in the US and Canada for the last 15 years – there is a wide variety of models, types and sizes on offer from circa 6 to 8 established manufacturers .

However there is a marked difference in the approach between a speed feedback display (examples pictured opposite) and the VATCS which Unipart Dorman introduced to north America in 2008. This paper aims to clarify the difference makers that the VATCS approach offers to end clients and why more communities and DOTs are starting to experiment and rely on VATCS .

VATCS White Paper – SoCal Making roads safer in your community

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