Are Your Traffic Signal Heads Being Turned? Here’s Your Solution!

One of the most common problems faced at traffic signals and crosswalks is when the signal heads get turned. Misalignment can happen with heavy winds, acts of vandalism, accidents, and old, weakened mounts. Unfortunately, when the signals and signs are turned out of alignment, it creates a dangerous situation at an intersection. This condition contributes to many accidents and potentially puts lives at risk. These incidents are why the Sentinel STS Shield System is a necessary innovation.

Jurisdictions generally rely on citizens to report problems with traffic signals being out of alignment or not working. Then, the DOT or other responsible party will have to go out and make the repairs. Not all these issues get reported or repaired right away. There may be instances where it takes weeks—maybe months—for the turned heads to be properly realigned.

About the Sentinel STS Shield System

The STS Shield System from Sentinel is an automated active monitoring device. The shield system will report turned heads to the governing jurisdiction immediately. As soon as the head turns, a circuit is opened in the STS, sending signals through the existing communication lines to the command structure. This way, proper personnel are notified immediately when a signal head has been turned at an intersection they are monitoring. 

Sentinel developed the STS to keep the public safe while also helping reduce the jurisdiction’s liability if accidents happen due to a turned head or damaged traffic signal. The STS Shield System can lead to signal head resolution within hours, rather than weeks or months. The current record from alarm to repair is 15 minutes. Maybe you can beat that record!

STS Shield System Features and Benefits

One of the best advantages of the STS is that it adapts easily to existing traffic signal infrastructure. It does not require expensive upgrades or a complicated installation process. It has a hanger and mount capabilities, meaning it can mount easily to any existing traffic light or pedestrian signal heat. Most of this equipment already has spare wires inside, which the STS Shield System can utilize to send signals back to the control cabinet.

Will the STS Work with Our Existing Signal Equipment?

Depending on the number of available outputs in your cabinet, the STS Shield System can monitor the intersection using one big circuit or multiple circuits. It provides real-time monitoring as well, so when the signal head gets turned out of proper alignment, the command center is immediately notified. The STS an ingenious invention because it’s such a simple and effective device that adapts to your existing equipment. 

Are turned signal heads a problem in one or more of your intersections? Are you relying on citizens to report damaged traffic signals and crosswalk indicators? Are you worried about accidents? There is an excellent solution, and it goes by the name of the STS Shield System. Sentinel is known for making exceptional traffic signal products. The STS will dramatically change how you monitor and repair your traffic signal heads if they get turned out of alignment.

To learn more about the Sentinel STS Shield System and to see if it’s the right solution for your intersection’s traffic system, contact JTB Supply today.