Don’t Let Heavy Winds Damage Your Traffic Signals!

Weather presents one of the most significant challenges to intersection architects and engineers. Heavy winds can wreak havoc on signage, vehicle signals, posts, and mounting structures. Although most signal equipment is heavy-duty and can withstand most of the elements, extra stability ensures the equipment will resist even the strongest gusts of unexpected wind.

AeroFlex Backplates

One of the most reliable products we recommend is the AeroFlex Backplate from Pelco Products Inc., a leading traffic and utility hardware manufacturer. The Aeroflex Backplates are a simple yet ingenious solution that prevents wind damage to your valuable traffic signal equipment.

AeroFlex Backplates are fabricated from black dual durometer thermoplastics to provide the perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility. This combination is essential to providing flexibility during large wind gusts and changing wind directions (aka “wind load”). Having a backplate that will retain its rigidity despite major wind load is vital to prevent undue strain on the poles and mast arms.

Different Sizes and Configurations

Pelco offers various sizes and configurations of AeroFlex Backplates. They fit all standard signal sizes from all manufacturers. They also offer custom signal-specific backplates upon request. In other words, there is an AeroFlex Backplate designed for every traffic signal on the market, so you always have the option to protect your equipment in high-wind locations.

In addition to the Standard Backplate Designs, Pelco offers Plumbizer and other configurations of AeroFlex Backplates such as 3-Section Hawk, 4-Section T (or Inverted T), and 5-Section Cluster Backplates. These models provide added flexibility in especially high-wind locations.

All AeroFlex Universal and Signal-Specific Backplates from Pelco are available with 2” or 3” reflective sheeting borders for added visibility.

Vacuum-Formed ABS

Pelco’s unique vacuum-formed backplates, made from black ABS UV stabilized plastic sheeting, are another essential part of the lineup. These backplates offer a 3” corner radius and 5/8” flange on each sides for added stability. Depending on your needs, they can be produced with or without reflective borders–reflective borders complete with a smooth finish on the front, non-reflective complete with a haircell finish. Each vacuum-formed ABS Backplate will precisely fit each manufacturers’ signal head and includes all necessary mounting hardware.

Your signal heads, mounts, and equipment deserve the best protection available. To learn more about Pelco’s AeroFlex Backplates, don’t hesitate to contact JTB Supply. Let us help you get the most out of your intersection system and components.