Extend Battery Life with the Myers ICBM

Myers Emergency Power has over 60 years’ experience in providing emergency power solutions to customers worldwide. The ICBM (Individual Charge Battery Manager) is a product we frequently recommend to our customers.

This simple piece of equipment monitors and manages battery life across multiple batteries in a string—ideal for specific traffic signals or emergency services equipment that utilize a battery-powered system.

How it Works

The ICBM is a battery manager and conditioner that distributes an equal state of charge to each battery in the string. This effectively extends the life for all batteries and maximizes run time while the conditioning processes keeps battery usage differences to a minimum. Finally, the ICBM allows you to track the life of each battery in the string.

Extended Battery Life

A key advantage of the Myers ICBM is that if an individual battery should fail, you can easily replace it rather than having to replace the entire string. This technology allows you to know exactly which battery is failing, making for simple and cost-effective maintenance. If you do eventually have to replace the whole string, the ICBM optimizes and extends battery life.

Battery Theft Alarm

The Myers ICBM is also equipped with a tamper-proof alarm. If any batteries are removed or stolen, the device will signal the alarm and let you know immediately if there is a theft or vandalism.

Key Features & Benefits

Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Myers Individual Charge Battery Manager (ICBM):

            • Each battery is individually charged and managed

            • Extends battery life by minimizing differences in battery usage

            • Prevents chronic under-charged conditions

            • Battery theft alarm system with tamper-proof switch connection

            • Extends run time by maximizing individual charges for each battery

            • Easy to install and maintain

            • Allows you to replace one failing battery in a string rather than the entire string

            • One ICBM can service up to two battery strings

            • Auto-detection of battery string configuration

            • Bad individual batteries identified by clear flashing LED light

            • Works on all manufacturers’ power supplies/UPS

            • Available in both 36VDC and 48VDC configurations

When your batteries are taken care of, you won’t have to sweat wasted time and money. To learn more about the Individual Charge Battery Manager (ICBM) from Myers Emergency Power Supply Systems, contact JTB Supply Company. Let us help you determine if this product is right for your equipment and battery power systems.