Get Longer Life from Your LED Traffic Signals

Historically, LED traffic signals came with a five-year warranty. Dialight, on the other hand, isn’t stuck in the past—the future is all they see.

Dialight’s LED signals are making a ripple in the industry, offering a 15-year warranty, a longer shelf-life, and durability to crave.

About Dialight

Dialight’s history as a light manufacturer dates back to 1938, when they produced aircraft instrument panel lights. In 1971, their first LED product became available.  Since then, high-quality LED products have become their focus and specialty.

Dialight Long Life LED Signals

Dialight produces standard 12-inch ball (XL15 series) and arrow (model XOD15) LED traffic signals and pedestrian signals. They are fully compliant with current ITE specifications and utilize the lowest wattage available in the traffic signal industry. Operating from 80 volts up to 135 volts AC, they have effective thermal management that ranges from -40°F to 165°F. These robust LED traffic signals bring total harmonic distortion under 20% and failed state impedance over 250 ohm (within 300ms).

Additional Features & Benefits

Dialight XL15 and XOD15 LED traffic signals offer incredible features and benefits beyond just the longer lifespan and 15-year warranty program. They are engineered with Dialight’s robust Hi-Flux LED technology, which offers excellent visibility and dependability while minimizing energy usage. Dialight’s LED signals benefit municipalities worldwife by cutting energy costs and minimizing maintenance requirements.

LED traffic signals have hard-coated lenses for improved abrasion resistance, meeting all ITE and NEMA specifications while exceeing transient suppression specifications, moisture intrusion, and failed state impedance. The long life power supply is conformally coated for extended operation. Finally, Intertek-ETL certification is included.

Built to Last

Dialight’s ITE-compliant LED traffic signals in 12-inch ball and arrow configurations are built to last a lifetime. Available in standard red, yellow, or green colorations—each LED signal is backed by the 15-year warranty. No other LED traffic signal on the market is as dependable, robust, energy-efficient, and durable as Dialight. To learn more about these groundbreaking LED traffic signals from Dialight, or to explore their full catalog of other excellent traffic signal products, contact JTB Supply today. Let our team help you find the best traffic equipment for your municipality. Install a system that will keep your intersection safe with equipment you can depend on for many years to come. Give us a call or send an email today.