How to Choose the Right Talking Crosswalk Button

Touchless technology was already a trend in many industries, but the COVID-19 pandemic stepped up the need for it even more. Crosswalks are an area that can really benefit from touchless technology. For one, it eliminates the need for someone to press a dirty button that dozens or even hundreds of people have already pressed in the same day. 

Touchless technology also improves accessibility. For years now, traffic engineers have been installing talking systems to ensure visually impaired pedestrians can safely navigate intersections.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a touchless crosswalk button that is also a talking crosswalk button?

Well, that dream has become a reality thanks to the innovative Guardian Wave crosswalk system from PedSafety, A Campbell Company!

The Talking AND Touchless Crosswalk Button

When you are looking for a talking crosswalk button or a hands-free system, you might as well have technology that does both. This is exactly what you get with the Guardian Wave. At JTB, we expect this to be the new normal for 2021 and beyond. It is a true game changer in our industry because it offers so many incredible benefits and unique features.

How Guardian Wave Works

As the name implies, the Guardian Wave allows pedestrians to place a call with the simple wave of the hand in front of the device’s sensor. It also has a button that someone can press as a secondary way to place the call. It does not require pedestrians to have a smart device to activate the hands-free feature like some similar systems. It is non-exclusive and everyone can use it by waving their hand. This reduces the spread of germs and viruses by eliminating the need for any physical contact with the push button.

Not only is this system hands-free, it also talks. The signal across the street will give standard wait, go and flashing visual indicators. Meanwhile, the Guardian Wave will give a clearly audible “wait” when it is not safe to cross. When it is safe to cross, the Guardian Wave will say “walk sign is on to cross.” There is no mistaking one audible instruction from the other. Pedestrians with visual impairments will know when they are able to cross the street, and so will those with hearing impairments depending on the visual indicators. The box itself has a flashing light to let you know up close and personal.

Seamless Crosswalk Safety System Integration

The Guardian Wave system can be seamlessly integrated into an existing crosswalk safety system. It is MUTCD and TAC compliant and can be customized with a unique locator tone as an optional feature. There is no equipment in the cabinet, as it utilizes independent system that is easy to configure and control with the proprietary PedConnexTM software. The software is also Bluetooth-adaptable for complete touchless control. In addition, the unit’s Quiet Signal Technology puts the sound when and where you need it. 

Watch a quick video from Campbell Company demonstrating the PedSafety Guardian Wave here.

If you would like to learn more about PedSafety’s Guardian Wave or other crosswalk button systems, contact JTB today for a consultation. We can help you review any intersection and find the best safety signage and technology for the best results.