Introducing the ATSI PCMT-8000 Conflict Monitor Tester

Athens Technical Specialists, Inc. (better known simply as ATSI) is a leading testing and monitoring equipment manufacturer. They have developed some of the best traffic system testing equipment on the market and we highly recommend their products. 

ASTI PCMT-8000 Conflict Monitor Tester

One of ATSI’s latest developments is the innovative PCMT-8000 Conflict Monitor Tester. They are the only ones who make a monitoring product like this. It is specifically designed to help traffic signal maintenance agencies test and monitor the performance and functionality of their traffic signal systems.

If there is an accident in one of your intersections, will you be able to legally prove that the traffic signals were working properly? Without the PCMT-8000, your answer may not be so sure. With this effective Conflict Monitor Tester, there will be no question. This technology provides you with a testing procedure that you can make part of your standard maintenance regimen. In the case of a post-accident test, it will allow you to verify without a doubt that your equipment was working properly during the time frame in question.

Preventative Traffic Signal Maintenance

The ASTI PCMT-8000 is also beneficial for preventative maintenance and scheduled testing to make sure your traffic signal equipment is always functioning as it should. Testing should always be part of your regular maintenance program. This technology makes it super simple to test and monitor your signal system. 

Benefits of the PCMT-8000

This new tester uses fewer harnesses and cables while being able to test the same amount of monitor types as previous ATSI tester models. It enables you to test MMUs in 12 and 16 channel modes within one test run. It has integrated Port1/SDLC testing and flashing yellow arrow testing capabilities. It also retains the convenience of using a simple Windows platform and software. The latest software has been upgraded to be even more user-friendly than ever before.

ATSI Technology

ATSI test equipment is utilized in over 1,000 cities, counties and state DOTs. Their technology can certify thousands of monitors and assist in improved traffic signal maintenance. ATSI offers a number of different testers and monitoring equipment for specific purposes. You may also want to look into their HILT-9000 loop tester and their TS2 Virtual Cabinet (TVC-3500). Whatever your testing needs, ATSI has the equipment and technology to help you streamline your processes. 

JTB Supply is an exclusive distributor of ATSI products, including the PCMT-8000 Conflict Monitor Tester that is only made by ATSI. Our team can help you find the right conflict testing, monitoring and preventative maintenance equipment for your specific traffic signal system. We can help you get the most out of your current system or introduce you to upgrade possibilities as the technology in our industry continues to advance and evolve with each passing year. 

To learn more about the ATSI PCMT-8000 Conflict Monitor Tester and other great ATSI testing and monitoring products, contact JTB Supply. Let us introduce you to the best traffic signal equipment on the market and help you make sound decisions about what to install and how to ensure optimized performance. Call us today or visit our website.