PedSafety’s Wireless Advanced APS Network will Out Pace Copper Connections

The future is wireless. PedSafety’s Wireless Advanced APS can replace your non-compliant or worn-out units with a network-based APS system. There are no additional copper wires to install. Plug and play—it’s that easy. PedSafety’s wireless technology is flexible, reliable, and secure.

What is Wireless Advanced APS?

WiAAPS is the first and only wireless accessible pedestrian signal; it utilizes a 900 MHz RF Narrowband Land Mobile Radio Spectrum. Designated for commercial use by the FCC, this RF spectrum provides secure and reliable data delivery through mesh network technology. The Wireless Controller resides in the traffic control cabinet, with an antenna that allows for  transmitting omni-direction radio signals to the receiving stations.

The WiAAPS system utilizes advanced technological components:

  • Networked System. The Wireless Controller is networked and IP accessible, allowing for real-time monitoring, configuration updates, data collection, volume setting, and even troubleshooting can all be managed from the web-based utility from a smart device.
  • DigiMesh® Networking. A secure networking protocol where connections are made directly, dynamically, and non-hierarchically, providing redundancy when relaying information between stations and the controller.
  • Wireless Communication. Wi-fi Communication to Wireless Controller for programming at the intersection.
  • Two Wire, Zero Wire. Stations can be powered with existing field wire or independently with a Signal Power Interface. Independent power provides a low-cost APS installation for older intersections with no Field Terminates wires. It is also great for intersections on recall, convert it into a fully interactive networked APS System.
  • Wave TM, Touchless Option. PedSafety was the first to provide the touchless feature for APS devices. Why touch a pushbutton? There is no need to with the WaveTM feature. A momentary wave of the hand, 4-6 inches from the sensor, places the call. Holding your hand for greater than a second provides an extended press location message. This is a reliable option through rain, sleet, and snow. 
  • Quite Signal Technology (QSTTM). Firmware settings options for time-of-day functionality. This technology combines port baffles for accurate sound directionality rather than 360* uncontrolled broadcasting. In addition, these signals offer excellent sound quality with multiple options, ambient gain compensation locator tone, vibro-tactile walk indications, and optional clearance phase indications.

Built to Last

Durable, impenetrable, and virtually vandal proof the base station is indestructible. The electronic components are encapsulated UL94-V0 flame-retardant polyurethane for environmental protection and base-station drain water. A universal mounting design fits various mounting holes dimensions from other manufacturers.

Additional Features & Benefits

The WiAAPS system easily retrofits existing intersections. Installation requires no disassembly of the product and is pre-programmed for plug and play. Custom audio message creation and settings can be provided at the time of purchase or installed with little effort at a later date with no additional charges.

PedSafety Partnership

PedSafety is ISO 9001 certified, vertically integrated, an employee-owned manufacturing company located in Boise, Idaho. We design, engineer, and manufacture pedestrian accessibility products. PedSafety provides high-value / low-cost solutions with state-of-the-art technology. Best in Tech Support with remote access to assist the field technicians with troubleshooting assessment. Best of all, Made in the USA.

JTB Supply is proud to be a product partner with PedSafety. Together you have a team of experts in your back pocket. If you would like to learn more about Wireless connectivity with any of PedSafety’s product lines, contact JTB today. Let our team help you design the ideal traffic intersection and find the right equipment and systems.