Portable Roadtube Counter


Data Collection

The next generation of the world’s most popular device, the ADR JR/RT traffic counter from Peek Traffic is a portable, self contained, battery operated vehicle counter consisting of a solid state air switch with a 16 x 2 character display and is powered by one six volt battery. The ADR-JR/RT is self contained in a weatherproof housing with a tamperproof latch and hinges.

Units come completely assembled and ready for immediate use, requiring only the connection of a road-tube to the air switch. The ADR-JR/RT is designed and proven for vehicle volume counts for city streets, driveways, shopping malls, national parks, secondary highways and drive-in or parking complexes – anywhere a basic low cost traffic survey is needed. Installation and operation are intuitive due to a straight forward menu design and a single road tube air switch.

The lightweight portable rood tube-based ADR-JR/RT allows for counts of axles or cars [divide-by 2 (/2)]. During set-up, the fast/slow debounce function is set for the speed of traffic being recorded, ensuring the most accurate counts. The ADR-JR/RT offers a digital back-lit LCD display facilitating access to count statistics or set up information in dim lighting conditions.



  • Low cost vehicle counter
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Accurate data
  • Digital back-lit LCD display
  • Micro-based Solid state components
  • Road tube operation
  • Rugged, lightweight and portable
  • Battery life up to five years
  • User selectable study period
  • Half day, one day, 2 day, seven day (No stop continuous)

Two Year Limited Warranty

Peek Traffic warrants this product against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for two years from date of shipment from Peek Traffic. Specific contracts and regional laws may vary or alter these terms.

Peek Traffic products are protected by one or more U.S. and International patents.

Peek Traffic reserves the right to change, modify or improve its products at any time without notice.

For specific warranty information, contact your local distributor representative or Peek Traffic.


Part NumberLess than 14.8 pounds (6.7 kg) with battery
TypePortable Single Rood-Tube Traffic Counter
Counter DisplayDigital 16 x 2 Back-Lit LCD
Power Source6 Volt Battery
Battery LifeCalculations: > 5 Years
HousingWeatherproof Cast Aluminum
IncludesOperation Manual, Battery, Solid Brass Body Lock w/2 Keys
Temperature Range-40 F to +176 F
-40 C to +80 C Operation
Dimensions9.5″ x 6.88″ x 5.5″
Capacity99,999 Vehicles
Battery Voltage Readout
Counter Reset
Fast/Slow – debounce
Select Count Period
Weight8 lbs (Including Battery)