206-G Power Supply


The PSI 206-G uses a switching power supply to convert the AC Line Voltage to 24 VDC instead of a Ferro-resonant Transformer to regulate the output voltage. The use of a switching power supply yields significantly improved efficiency, voltage regulation, and fault handling.

Voltage Tolerance1%
Input Voltage Range85 to 264 VAC
Line Freq. Range47 to 63 Hz
Power Factor Correction99%
Current Output4.8 Amps (10 Amps @ 25º)
Output ProtectionOver Voltage (power down recovery)
Over Load (Automatic recovery)
Over Temperature (Automatic Recovery)
Weight~2 lbs

ENERGY CONSERVING EXAMPLE: With a power supply output set to 24 @ 4 Amps, the PSI 206-G will use 13 WATTS less power than the Standard 206. This lowered heat usage increases the long-term reliability of the cabinet components in addition to lowering the operating cost. The wider input operating range of the PSI 206-G means the power supply will be much more immune to line fluctuations including brown-outs and over-voltages. The lower weight of the 206-G will decrease the wear and tear on the PDA-2 enclosure. The PSI 206-G output protection circuitry will increase the reliability of all the components it drives, including the power supply itself.