LED Roadway Sign Light

StreetSENSE RS Series LED Roadway Sign Light

roadway light

Certifications & Ratings

  • Compliant to IES RP-19-01Roadway Sign Lighting
  • Retrofit Cover Assemblies Recognized to UL-1598 Wet Locations
  • Complete Fixture Listed to UL-1598 Wet Locations
  • CSA 22.250
  • ANSI C136.31-2001 (vibration)
  • MIL STD 810F (salt / fog)

Features & Benefits

  • Mercury free
  • Long lasting / low maintenance
  • Low power consumption offers 60-70% energy savings vs.
    250W MV
  • Superior color rendition index compared to HPS; LPS; MH; MV
  • Instant on/off operation – no cool down or warm up time required
    for full illumination
  • Resistant to roadway vibration and shock
  • Universal input (120-277 VAC)
  • Weather/corrosion resistant lamp assembly and housing
  • >70% lumen maintenance after 60,000 operating hours


Dialight introduces the state-of-the-art StreetSENSE LED fixtures designed specifically for “new” and “retrofit” installations of Roadway Sign Lights. All of Dialight’s long life LED luminaires are designed to meet the most demanding specification criteria while offering maxiumum energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and a superior quality of light.

Mechanical Information
Fixture Weight 25 lbs – Retrofit cover assembly, Halophane
25 lbs – Retrofit cover assembly, GE
32 lbs – Complete fixture
Mounting Retrofit to Halophane SIGN-VUE enclosure
Plate mounting of complete fixture
Pole mounting of complete fixture
(For inverted over head installations, please consult factory.
Mounting Accessories Pole mount clamp
Electrical Specifications
System Power Consumption 70W and 100W versions available
Operating Input Voltage 120-277 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Transient Protection ANSI C136.2 (600V) American National
Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting
Equipment – Luminaires, Voltage Classifications
EMI/RFI (Noise Suppression) FCC Title 47, Subpart B, Section 15, class A devices.
Power Factor > 0.90
THD (typ) < 5% @ 120 VAC
<10% @ 230/240 VAC
<15% @ 277 VAC
Minimal Operating Temp -40ºF
Body Powder coated aluminum
Lens High impact polycarbonate with UV stabilizer
and “hard coat” for abrasion resistance
Cover Powder coated aluminum
Photometric Information
CCT 5300K (cool white)
4100K (neutral white)
CRI 70

roadway light table 1
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Dialight Complete Fixture
Dialight Complete Fixture
Complete fixture illustrating cover assembly and enclosure.

Dialight Retrofit Cover AssemblyDialight Retrofit Cover Assembly
Retrofit assembly showing lid and light engine.

Side View – Complete Fixture
Side View - Complete Fixture

Side View – All Units
Side View - All Units

Inside box of Dialight Complete Unit
Inside box of Dialight Complete Unit

Pipe Clamp and Typical Mount
Pipe Clamp and Typical Mount

Typical CCT Values

High Pressure Sodium 2100K
Incandescent 2800K
Halogen 3100K
Fluorescent (standard) 3500K
Dialight LED RS Series (Neutral) 4100K
Direct Sunlight 4900K
Metal Halide 5000K
Dialight LED RS Series (Cool) 5300K
Natural Daylight 6500K
Indirect Sunlight 6700K

DOTs and other agencies must now choose alternative lamp sources for the replacement of these fixtures and for new construction or additions. Under the Federal Energy Policy Act (EPACT 2005) and the Energy Independence and Security Act, conventional mercury vapor lamps and all 150-500 watt metal halide probe start ballasts were mandated to be substituted with more energy efficient alternatives.

The 70 or 100W StreetSENSE RS series LED fixture can typically replace a 250W or higher mercury vapor / metal halide unit while still meeting or exceeding the Roadway Sign Light Specifications, so it delivers CO2 reduction and energy savings of 60-70% over conventional lights. This efficiency is further enhanced by its instant-on/off ability with no necessary warm up to achieve full illumination. In addition its ‘green’ credentials are assured by the fact that it is 100% mercury free and dark skies friendly; this is assured by its highly efficient optics that focus the light just where it’s needed, avoiding light spill.

Maintenance Free
The rugged, solid state StreetSENSE RS series fixture is not only an energy efficient alternative, but its projected fixture service life of ten years (50% on-time, >70% lumen maintenance after 60K hours) also brings other significant benefits. These include the elimination of frequent lamp changes and reduction of overall maintenance costs as well as reducing exposure of maintenance workers to dangerous highway traffic. For road users they deliver added safety by producing a quality of light that is vastly superior to conventional sources and by eliminating dark road signs resulting from burned out conventional lamps.

Ease of Installation
Dialight offers complete fixture assemblies for new, retrofit or complete replacement applications including a unique LED retrofit cover assembly kit option that will adapt to most installed conventional fixture boxes. The retrofit involves only the removal of the existing fixture’s cover, lamp and reflector which is then replaced with the Dialight LED cover assembly, leaving most of the existing wiring connections untouched, so the conversion is simple and easy, saving both time and money.