The Faces of JTB—Mindy Myers, Inside Sales Manager

It’s hard to imagine life at JTB Supply without Mindy Myers—an integral part of the company for 20+ years.

Get to know Mindy and her once part-time gig turned into a 20+ year career below.

The “Everything” Manager

Mindy is the glue that holds everything together at JTB—doing a little bit of everything in her role as Inside Sales Manager. She works closely with our Southern California Regional Sales Manager, Matt Pieper, providing product support, sales logistics, and other key services for our clients. Mindy also works directly with our clients, placing and tracking orders, researching bids on city websites, and playing a key management role for all traffic signal projects in Southern California. Finally, Mindy coordinates scheduling and product details affecting our tech support, vendors, and contractors as well.

“I kind of have my hands in everything going on at JTB,” Mindy says. “I do what needs to get done. Most importantly, I aim to be responsive for our clients. I make it a point to get back to everyone quickly and stay attentive to their needs. Responsive customer service is one of the key things that sets JTB apart from our competitors.”

Humble Beginnings

Mindy joined JTB Supply in 2002 as a part-time receptionist when her close friend, Tara Dunham was promoted. They grew up together in the small town of Newberry Springs (just north of Barstow). Mindy attended college at CSU Long Beach, where she studied graphic design and fine arts. What started as a part-time job at JTB eventually blossomed into a 20-plus year career as she worked her way up the ladder to her current position as Inside Sales Manager. Mindy fit right in and quickly proved herself to be a hard worker with a creative eye and a passion for customer service.

“We’re like a close-knit family unit here,” Mindy adds. “We all get along so well and it’s a supportive team environment. I really enjoy working for Jeff. He is a great teacher and trainer, and he gives us space to learn and grow. It keeps me inspired to give my best every day.”

” Like most of our team at JTB, Mindy’s traffic industry job blossomed into a career of 20+ years! We are very happy about that at JTB! Her professionalism and efficiency in her daily duties have endeared her with co-workers, customers, and peers in the traffic industry. Our customers truly appreciate the efforts of Mindy’s work and her friendly attitude, along with the knowledgeable, solution-oriented, and accurate source of information that she provides. Another one of Mindy’s many talents is her graphic artistry, specifically her and the creative team’s yearly Christmas card creation, including a special location and theme. It is a fun team-building day that we look forward to every year with our “family” here at JTB! Thanks, Mindy, for all you do!”

Jeff York, President

Creativity is Everywhere

Mindy still lives in Long Beach with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys spending quality family time with them, whether it’s a day at the beach, a fun camping trip, a Hawaiian vacation, or simply driving the girls to and from soccer practice. Mindy is also very active with her church, which also provides an outlet for her creative side. She donates about 5-10 hours each week working on graphic design projects for the church.

“I love any chance to let my creative side out, whether it’s for my church or for JTB marketing projects,” Mindy says.

Join us all in congratulating Mindy on 20 years of dedicated service at JTB Supply. She is a valuable member of our team and reminds us every day to have the perfect balance between a fun and productive workplace.