The Faces of JTB—Randy Ristow, Regional Sales Manager

Randy Ristow joined JTB Supply in 2005 as Arizona and Southern Nevada’s Regional Sales Manager. From Tucson to Vegas and everything in between, Randy works directly with public agencies, city/county managers, and contractors seeking the best traffic signal equipment in the industry.

As an intersection flow and safety expert, the value Randy brings to JTB and its clients are unmatched. We sat down with Randy to learn more about his transition from electrician to regional sales manager.

The Perfect Fit

Before working at JTB, Randy was an electrical contractor in Southern California. He knew JTB President, Jeff York, through a bible study group. Around the time that Randy was starting a family with his wife, they decided moving to Arizona would be the best fit for their growing family. When he mentioned the move to Jeff, it created the perfect scenario—JTB was expanding into Arizona. “Jeff noted that my interpersonal skills and electrical knowledge were strong. Quickly, Jeff told me that I’d make a great Regional Sales manager,” he says. “I appreciate knowing not only how to sell equipment, but fixing it with my own two hands.”

Now nearly two decades later, Randy is still loving his work alongside the JTB crew. “I like everything about JTB,” he says. “It is a small company that feels like a tightknit family. I sometimes wish I could be in the California office with everyone else, but I love life in Arizona. I also enjoy my clients. They are good people to work with and we are trying to accomplish the same thing. This makes it easy to work together in a collaborative way. Many of my clients and I have become close friends over the years.”

Randy regularly gets feedback from customers about how responsive and helpful the team is. Similarly, he believes in following through on promises and being there when clients need him. “Consistency and dependability are so important in this business,” he adds.

The Mountains Are Calling

Although Randy and his family currently call Prescott, Arizona home, he grew up in Anaheim. In fact, he played on the same Little League team as Matt Pieper, another Regional Sales Manager. Randy and his wife now live in Prescott, where they are raising their son and daughter.

Randy enjoys getting outdoors with his family when he’s not busy working. They are avid mountain bikers, and his son is getting more involved in competitive MBAA racing. Randy also loves to go fishing and staying involved with his church community group.

When you get to know Randy Ristow, you’ll quickly see why the JTB community is better for having him! He is excellent at building relationships with clients and providing them helpful guidance along the way. If you are located in Arizona or Southern Nevada and are in need of traffic signal supplies and consultation, contact Randy today.

Randy brings a unique skill set to the traffic industry and JTB with his 20+ years of experience and previous career in the electrical industry. He works very hard at developing relationships with his customers providing the best products and technical knowledge in a simple, no-nonsense manner. Randy has a down-to-earth personality and has an excellent working knowledge of his products. He provides his customers and contractors with quality and efficient solutions to the challenging problems encountered at the intersection. Randy enjoys fly fishing, mountain biking, dirt bike riding, and wrenching on anything you can imagine!

Jeff York, President