What to Look for in a Flashing Crosswalk

Flashing crosswalk signals and other flashing signage are becoming increasingly popular. They provide an extra level of safety with an enhanced visual presence for both drivers and pedestrians, which is why you see them more and more around schools, special event centers, casinos and busy city intersections. Flashing crosswalk signals represent the next level of traffic signal technology.

So, what should you be looking for when purchasing and installing a new flashing crosswalk system? Here are some features we recommend at JTB Supply:

Visual Prominence

The main purpose of a flashing crosswalk signal or flashing sign is visual prominence. How well can it be seen by drivers and pedestrians? How bright are the flashing lights? Do they draw proper attention to the signs and signals they are illuminating? 

Safe, Not Distracting

There is a fine line between an effective flashing crosswalk system and something that is a little too distracting. You don’t want the flashing lights blinding drivers and you don’t want too much going on at once. The signage should be clear and the lights should illuminate and flash at proper times to achieve specific goals such as getting drivers to slow down coming into an intersection, letting pedestrians know exactly when to start and stop crossing, etc.

Effective Interface

One of the most revolutionary flashing sign systems we highly recommend is the RRFB Rapid Flashing Beacon from TraffiCalm Systems. It has many great features, including an excellent digital interface system. It uses a configuration program called TC ConnectTM, which utilizes Wi-Fi and allows the installer to easily log in to configure and control the system remotely. Activation data can be retrieved from any Wi-Fi enabled device.

Durability & Reliability

Naturally, you want a flashing crosswalk system that is durable and reliable for many years to come. You also want signage that will hold up despite vandalism. The RRFB system utilizes permanently sealed electronics and a multi-string LED configuration that will maintain MUTCD standards for brightness even when one or more of the LED strings is damaged through vandalism. The strings are also easily replaced if damaged seriously.

Power Sources

When searching for the best flashing crosswalk system, you should definitely look at the power sources the equipment will utilize. Solar-powered technology is a must-have these days. The RRFB Rapid Flashing Beacon features a 20-watt solar panel and can be upgraded to a 60-watt panel. The power is absorbed by a standard 12Ah Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) Battery, which is very cost effective. This system can also be connected directly to an AC electrical system.


Don’t forget about the warranty on any traffic signal equipment you buy. TraffiCalm backs their RRFB system with a 5-year warranty (excluding batteries) to give you extra peace of mind that your Rapid Flashing Beacons will work properly for a long time.

Ease of Upgrade

RRFB equipment is easy to install, whether you are looking to redo the entire intersection or just upgrade specific signage and signals. You can also add flashing LED rings around existing signage like stop signs, speed limit signs and other roadside signs vital to the flow of your busy intersection(s). These flashing LED lights are super easy to integrate and will immediately enhance any signs and signals you currently have. They are a perfect complement with the innovative RRFB flashing crosswalk signals. 

To learn more about the TraffiCalm RRFB Rapid Flashing Beacon crosswalk system and other flashing LED upgrades, check out this webinar or contact JTB Supply today for additional information and a no-obligation consultation.